Heathy Pottery

A young potter's

Well I finally figured out my capstone project today in class.

My professor walked in and I decided I wanted to create little pots for plants, and have some sort of plant inside (preferably ivy) and let the ivy just run and grow throughout all my pieces and unify them as a whole.
He instead, walked me out to where the Art Gallery is and stared at this platform in the center of the room. It is enormous but is only about a foot off the ground. He then turned to me and said he liked the idea, and wants me to have it in the art show…but I have to fill that entire platform…
About 300 pots he said, and each one needs a plate at the bottom, so 600 in total.
I got excited the second I agreed to it, then later found myself wanting to peel the flesh from my face from trying to create the same pot over and over.
Instead, I will accept this challenge, but make it how I want to make them. They’re going to be all different sizes and I don’t care.
If I can produce that many pieces, I think I will literally cry.
Challenge accepted Gehring.
  • 12 March 2013
  • 6