Heathy Pottery

A young potter's

Glazed and finished. I cannot believe the colors that came out on these! I am more than happy with these and can’t wait to put them up on my shop!
For the last few weeks I’ve felt like a mother who abandoned her kids. Couldn’t get to the studio to glaze these babes due to problems with work, but finally got to! Cannot wait for these to be fired!

So I finally got my own wheel. This thing is enormous (to where it can’t fit anywhere but outside of my house). This is a video of me rolling out of bed to throw on it for only my second time. Still trying to get used to how huge it is/it’s kick wheel only. Still looking forward to my own electric wheel in the future, but for now I’m enjoying this one’s company :)

New ring dishes. The flower can hold 4 pair of earrings off certain petals. I was going to make another one, but it was taking so painfully long (not much of a hand builder), so I just made it little leaves (which can also hold 4 pair of earrings). Last dish I think I’m going to leave plain and just do some design with the glaze on it. So excited to glaze these puppies though :’)
Also had my friend take more photos of my pieces for me. So excited to post them on here/put them on my etsy and start selling more things. (I made my third sale too!) 

New baby pitcher :’)

Had a friend come and take photos of my pieces for my etsy shop. I am completely blown away with how beautiful these came out :) so excited

Very very happy with how these came out :’) will be putting them on my etsy shop within the next week!

Anddddd mugs are finally glazed…after almost 4 hours @____@. Top left picture is how the glaze blend turns out. Needless to say, I have a really good feeling about how these are going to turn out. 
So finally glazing. Hoping this glaze on this piece comes out like the top left. Underneath that, is what I think I’m going to glaze my mugs when they’re out of the kiln. Also spontaneously made a pitcher :’)
Chubby mugs got handles today. Need to smooth them out and fix them a bit. Work still in progress :)